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The 4h shooting sports program stands out as an example. Montana state university extension montana 4h growing. Member and leader materials 4h dance project record bilingual 22201r fillable pdf or printable pdf. Apply for grants, scholarships and award opportunities. A series of videos related to the oregon 4h horse project. Give to 4h 4h state office directory arizona 4h covid19 response and updates arizona 4h virtual programming. Video topics include how to perform haunch turns, lead changes, sidepass, open and close a.

Educational and youth development programs open to youth k12th grade. For this project, 4h is using information its former 4h members, past teen conference participants or their parents gave the program through. Through project based learning and youthadult partnerships, both youth and adults increase life skills and grow as leaders. Community clubs a community 4h club includes all of the 4h members in a community. Completing a 4h record book is a process where 4h members record project and club. A number of oregon 4h clubs have been in continous oper ation for more than 30 years. Nebraska 4h video companion animal showmanship contest. Learn about oregon 4h and the oregon 4h dog project. Cphhs map of oregon activities in june 2014, the osu cphhs became oregons first accredited college of public health and human sciences health extension fch and 4h outreach programs help the cphhs lead the change in how people think about and ensure the health and wellbeing of every person, family and community in oregon. This is a basic resource for 4h members doing a horse project in oregon, washington, and idaho. H at home educational activities for kids to do at home. For complete lists of all materials used in oregon 4h projects, including record sheets and exhibit documents, visit the oregon 4h projects webpages. How do i know when my club has completed a 4h project. Find information about montana 4h statewide events, activities, and education initiatives.

Innovative class evaluation sheet 31002 revised for 2018 innovative class explanation card 31001 revised for 2018 celebrate our world explanation card 99803. Inspiring the next generation of leaders, inventors, entrepreneurs and problem solvers, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. The record book is a tool for members to help learn these skills. Come explore animal science, science, technology, communication, cooking, art, gardening, environmental science, and much more. Over 200 volunteers and 5000 youth experience 4h programming in marion. Shelly porter, colfax county extension home economist owida franz, union county extension home economist betty mccreight, lincoln county program directorhome economist margaret dines, grant county extension home economist darlene. The focus reflects the importance of this life skill in our daily lives. These include member manuals and records, leader guides, and other publications for pennsylvania youth and their families. As a 4h member, you can learn about animal care by participating in.

Businessenrtepreneur product or service explanation card 33001, 2018 businessenrteprenuer evaluation sheet 33002, 2018. H stem challenge national youth science day is now the 4h stem challenge. If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device. Share diet and nutrition information for raising a healthy dog teach other 4h members how to read a nutrition label on the dog food bag. For example, be a food detective for 912 year olds has six lessons.

The 4h dog project can provide youth with the opportunity to learn what kind of dog fits into their familys lifestyle and how to be an excellent trainer and caretaker of the dog. Visit the florida 4h website to learn more about the organization and its mission, or make a donation to help support 4h. Oregon 4h project materials from the osu extension catalog the osu extension catalog lists 4h materials published by the osu extension service and pacific northwest publishing cooperative. First weber group foundation supports lincoln county 4h dog project merrill courier december 27 20 and first weber donation foto news january 1 2014. Shows sponsored by other organizations or individuals and shows that do not provide separate classes for 4hers are not permitted to use the 4h club name and.

Many 4h projects have well defined units or lessons that guide 4h leaders in what to cover at each meeting. Washington state university 4h youth development is developing young people to become productive citizens who are engaged in positive change, meeting the needs of a diverse and changing society. First weber donation foto news october 31 2012 and first weber group foundation supports 4h dog project merrill courier november 2 2012. The 4h record allows 4h members the opportunity to set goals and keep records on the progress made toward reaching those goals. When you find a project you and your family like, call your county extension office to order the information. You can also explore current project options and upcoming events, read about 4h facts and impacts, watch videos with 4hers discussing their experiences, and find out about volunteering opportunities. Book sections cover horse breeds, psychology, and how to choose a horse. The pennsylvania 4h list of publications describes publications available to support 4h projects. It must have one or more adult leaders, should have a project leader for each project and may have several junior or teen leaders. Marion county 4h serves youth five to 19years old through volunteerled clubs, afterschool programming, camps and outreach opportunities. It will help you set goals for the project year, record your accomplishments and help guide your efforts to keep important records on your animals. This account has a 40 minute meeting limit, but who wants to meet for longer than that, really.

Click here to go to the state 4h website and print a project starter guide. Washington county 4h is the youth education outreach program of the university of wisconsinmadison, division of extension. When turning in your livestock project, you should have project books pages from the appropriate link above and your respective animal pages from below. Visit project central to take a closer look at a book, find out what others have to say, and share your experiences. Whether its a member logging in to manage her record, a club leader printing mailing labels, or a county agent approving a members enrollment, 4honline brings the 4h community together and keeps everyone involved. Brand essence video learn about what being in colorado 4h can inspire kids to do search site. Lincoln county 4h club meeting information as of nov. Completing a 4h record book is a process where you record project and club work using a standard format. In an effort to do so, kentucky 4h is partnering with the kentucky center for statistics to conduct a data analysis about the postsecondary success of its members compared to the general population. The new hampshire 4h dog project is an fun project that focuses on the raising and training of dogs.

The record book also allows the 4h member to record losses, profits and other helpful information about their 4h project work. Keeping a record book is an important part of the project. For complete descriptions of ohio 4h projects and the publications that support them, please refer to the latest family guide or to ohio 4h project central, an interactive web site that includes sample pages, ratings, and comments. Leaders, parents and youth members who have an interest in the clackamas county 4h dog project are encouraged to attend monthly meetings on the first monday of each month except august, september, and december at the extension office in oregon city at 7. Local and county 4h shows must be approved by the county extension staff. Family guide this is your place to connect to our entire collection of ohio 4h project books for the year. Completing the personal development report in the record book provides you an. My 4h project record book a general purpose record book. Click here these items are not available to order and must be printed printable selfdetermined project idea starters. Learn more about the projects offered through montana 4h. Find links to webbased curriculum and how to purchase project books through msu extension publications. Columbia county 4h youth development oregon, saint helens, oregon. The focus of all 4h programs is the development of youth as individuals and as responsible and productive citizens. Green, 4h youth development faculty, oregon state university extension content and information provided by.

H youth voices learn how 4h youth are making a difference. The 4h program has a long history of record keeping. Pennsylvania 4h animal programs are open to all youth with or without farm backgrounds. With the support of adult mentors, youth select from a menu handson project ideas to complete. Youth learn marksmanship, the safe and responsible use of firearms, the principles of hunting and archery, and much more. This project record book is to be used for members enrolled in the 4h pets small animal projects. Judging guides colorado 4h youth development is part of. Completion of the personal development report awards 4h members for participation in 4h activities, which provides an incentive for participation, learning, and achievement. Performing arts isnot a state supported project but may be available as a county project. Each project book contains information and activities for members to explore as an organized group project or at home under the guidance of a parent or interested adult.

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