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The aim of the project is to increase milk production and productivity in order to double the income of the smallholder dairy farmers. Feeding diets and strategy should aim at steadily increasing milk production and sustaining peak production for as long as possible. Energy is the most limiting nutrient in dairy diets always. Nutrition and feeding management in dairy cattle hanoi 2009 second edition practical manual for small scale dairy farmers in vietnam composed and published by distributed by. Fibrous plant feeds, such as grass, that form the major part of cattle rations. Closeup and recently fresh cows should have 30 inches of bunk. The challenge smallholder dairy farmers face is to provide. Feeding the dairy cow by siobhan kavanagh introduction a dairy cow must eat a balanced diet with enough energy, protein, fibre, water, minerals and vitamins to cover her own maintenance and growth as well as milk production and the needs of a growing foetus. The basic difference between humans and cows is how our stomachs function. Balanced feeding for improving livestock productivity fao.

Dairy cattle feeding and nutrition management snv netherlands. So feeding a cow, actually means feeding the bacteria. Since highproducing dairy cows require large amounts of cp, the possibility exists that ammonia is released from certain feeds more rapidly than the rumen mi. When balancing rations, the reference cow should be at the 75th percentile of the herd. How to feed a dairy cow for more milk daily nation. Dairy cows will be potentially more productive if they receive sufficient quantity of good quality of feeds. For example, fat is not just fat or just a source of energy, but the fatty acid pattern makes a decisive contribution to optimum performance, fertility and. Rumination and the fermentation which takes place in the rumen allows dairy cows ruminants to turn low. How to choose the concentrate mix that is right for you 1.

After calving, milk production steadily rises up to a peak level. Keep rations constant, especially during the first half of the lactation. Formulating dairy cow rations university of minnesota. Dairy cow behavior and impact on dairy cattle nutrition management 2. The objective of this paper was to consider the effect of supplementary feeding of grazing dairy cows on dry matter intake dmi, milk production and milk composition. Cows eat best in the grazing positions and the bunk surface should be smooth. For the first time, the door is wide open, from the black box dairy cow to the precision feeding. If feed is available at all times cows can get by with 18 inches of bunk space. World of dairy cattle nutrition the holstein foundation. Milk produced by the cow immediately after calving and for the next 3. Mf754 feeding dairy cows ksre bookstore kansas state. This manual, feeding dairy cows, is a resource manual for use when target 10 delivers its program on dairy cow nutrition.

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