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The nicest kids in town hairspray movie clip youtube. Hairspray is a 1988 american comedydrama film written and directed by john waters, and starring ricki lake, divine, debbie harry, sonny bono, jerry stiller, leslie ann powers, colleen fitzpatrick, and michael st. At the root of this plant is a hairspray company who only wants those advertising their. Hairspray mama im a big girl now free piano sheet music. The story is set in early 1960s baltimore, with racial segregation the law of the land until a valiant group of teens stands up against the status quo. Plump teenager tracy turnblads dream is to dance on the corny collins show, a local tv program.

Hairspray 2007 in 1960s baltimore, danceloving teen tracy turnblad nikki blonsky auditions for a spot on the corny collins show and wins. But tracy will need the help of her best friend penny amanda bynes, her big hearted mother john travolta and sassy cohost motormouth maybelle queen latifah to show the world that all it takes to make a dream come true is a toetappin beat and a little hairspray. Disneys hairspray is the film of the musical of john waters 1988 film of the same name. The movie seems guileless and rambunctious, but it looks just right like a pat boone musical and sounds just right like a golden oldies disc and feels just right like the first time you sang we shall overcome and until then it hadnt occurred to you that we.

I wasnt really a fan of the original waters movie, but i do love musicals. Hairspray has nothing much to offer besides two hours of entertainment and escapism, but it offers it in spades. A spirited and enjoyable example of the growing filmtomusicaltomusicalfilm genre, hairspray remains faithful to john waters 1988 original. Had it not been for a free pass to an advance screening, i must admit that my friends would have had trouble getting me to see hairspray. This is easily the most entertaining major studio release of 2007. Hairspray is a 2007 musical romantic comedy film based on the broadway musical of the same name, which in turn was based on john waterss 1988 comedy film of the same name. Hairspray started as a movie comedy about a chubby girl in the 1960s who loved dancing and had a strong sense of social justice. If you have then at least you know the basics of how the film goes. Adam shankmans version hit the big screens in 2007, its lighthearted and upbeat sounds keeping audiences swaying to the music all the way through. It is a pure joy to watch from beginning to end and a welcome change of pace from the bigbudget action film that surround its release.

Season 1, episode 1 of hairspray live or get episode details on. Here is michelle pheiffer singing miss baltimore crabs this is dvd quality. Adapted from both waterss 1988 script and thomas meehan and mark odonnells book for the stage musical by. Hairspray dvd, 2007, full frame for sale online ebay. I dont mind musicals but hairspray didnt seem like something id enjoy. Awareness of those who are different as in slightly plump and lives on the wrong side of town is being ignored in favor of those who look the same as everyone else read thin and affluent. Hairspray 2007 original soundtrack original soundtrack. Oscars best picture winners best picture winners golden globes emmys san diego comiccon new york comiccon sundance film festival toronto intl film. Hello fellow wikipedians, i have just modified 7 external links on hairspray 2007 film. Good morning baltimore hairspray 2015 riot duration. John frieda frizz ease moisture barrier intense hold hairspray for frizzy hair, 250 ml. According to the internet, that movie is a history of violence and not hairspray. Hairspray is a 2007 musical film produced by zadanmeron productions and distributed by new line cinema. Rent hairspray 2007 starring nikki blonsky and john travolta on dvd and bluray.

Theres a lot of craft and slyness lurking beneath the circa1960s goofiness. The zac efronvanessa hudgens duet breaking free from high school musical 2006 made the fastest climb in the history of the billboard hot 100, leaping from 86 to 4 in one week 200620022011. Hairspray originally a 1988 movie directed by john walters, hairspray was adapted into a broadway musical in 2002. Hairspray 2007 trailers and clips in 1960s baltimore, danceloving teen tracy turnblad nikki blonsky auditions for a spot on the corny collins show and wins. Hairspray is an energetic, wholly entertaining musical romp.

Tracy turnblad, an overweight teenager with all the right moves, is obsessed with the corny collins show. But blonsky does sing, and like this giddy, refreshing movie, her voice rings loud and clear. She becomes an overnight celebrity, a trendsetter in dance, fun and fashion. So i walked into the theater for this screening with mixed feelings. Currently the site has more than 0 free movies in its database which are based on comedy, film noir, sci fi horror and much more. Hairspray began life in 1988 as the first john waters film to earn a pg rating, despite such subversive elements as the casting of crossdressing waters favorite divine as edna, the mother of the main character, tubby teenager tracy turnblad.

Perhaps her new status as a teen sensation is enough to topple cornys reigning dance queen and bring racial integration to the show. Hairspray was a dramatic departure from waterss earlier works, with a much broader intended audience. The story was further softened in its conversion to a broadway musical hit in 2002 with a raft of songs written and performed in the period style of 1962. A filmmakers apocalypse, ghosts of cite soleil, chappelles show collection. The film is an adaptation of the 2002 broadway musical of the same name, itself adapted from john waterss original 1988 film. Many of these videos are available for free download. The film was a britishamerican venture produced by ingenious media and zadanmeron productions. The film is an adaptation of the tony awardwinning 2002 broadway musical of the same name, and a remake of john waters 1988 comedy film of the same name. Hairspray starts with an infectious song good morning baltimore that sets the cheery tone of adam shankmans featurefilm adaptation of the broadway adaptation of john waters campy 1988 comedy. In 1960s baltimore, danceloving teen tracy turnblad nikki blonsky auditions for a spot on the corny collins show and wins. Hairpsray is about tolerance, integration and acceptance of others. Its rare that a movie captures the intensity and excitement of a live broadway musical production while appealing to a broader movie going audience, but the 2007 hairspray is an energetic, powerfully moving film that does just that. And walked out feeling the same way because, in spite of all of hairsprays potential, its disquieting tripups cause it to fall short of the prettily coiffed, fancyfooted fun it could have been. Adam shankman its 1962 and teenagers tracy turnblad and her friend penny pingleton are watching the corny collins show.

Soundtrack to the motion picture is the soundtrack album for the 2007 new line cinema musical film hairspray. Hairspray is a pointless film that could have been so much better than what it turned out to be. Hairspray soundtrack to the motion picture 2007, cd. Tracy turnblad nikki blonsky makes a surpise appearance on the miss teenage hairspray special. Kelly displays simply astounding singing and dancing skills, while blonsky easily carries the entire film of her shoulders, becoming the heart and soul of the movie with one hip thrust. Adam shankmans adaptation of the stage musical hairspray, itself an adaptation. Tracy is an outsider who dreams of being with the in crowd, and innocent enough to believe shell get. The film was a britishamerican venture 2 produced by ingenious media and zadanmeron productions. It was released in the united states, canada, and the united kingdom on july 20, 2007. Based on the tony awardwinning broadway musical, hairspray live. Then it became a broadway musical, and finally came this movie version of the musical which got headlines because john travolta stars as the heroines mother thats right, her mother. The original awardwinning production of hairspray the musical directed by jack obrien and choreographed by jerry mitchell. The latest version is just as good, if not better, with an infectious soundtrack and an allstar cast that precisely hits every note. Hairspray original motion picture soundtrack various.

The update, also set in 1962 baltimore, has slightly less kitsch than the original but, thanks to the fabulous soundtrack and adorable cast, even more charm. Hairspray 2007 parental guide is this movie suitable. Its rare that a movie captures the intensity and excitement of a live broadway musical production while appealing to a broader moviegoing audience, but the 2007 hairspray is an energetic, powerfully moving film that does just that. Its just so fun for the first half of the film, but then it really goes. Not only does he dancing skills attract corny collins, but also the attention of teenage heart throb, link larkin. When the chance to dance on the show arrives, tracy quickly takes the opportunity. This film is an absolute classic in the musical genre, and should be appreciated not only for its comedic relief, but for its choreography and message. I really didnt like the film, and felt it missed the mark.

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