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Several islamic reform movements have taken place in nigeria since the late 1970s, including the izala movement, maitatsine, and darul islam. A study of the arrival of islam and ensuing contestations in igboland regional focus. Geographical, historical and political profiles of nigeria 1. We cannot talk about the history of islamic education in nigeria without first knowing when and how islam came into nigeria.

Several dominant themes in nigerian history are essential for understanding contemporary nigerian politics and society. As a result, there is a high level of alienation in our cultural realms. Nigerias ranking on the global terrorism index rose from 16th out of 158 countries in 2008 to 6th tied with somalia by the end of 2011. From sokoto which first witnessed the rays of light and guidance which islam guarantees for mankind, the religion spread, not without difficulties, to other parts of the country. Although christianity had been in africa as early as the first century and had great centers in earliest times in ancient places like egypt, ethiopia, sudan, libya, tunisia, algeria etc. In 1992, the central bank granted license for habib nigeria bank limited former bank phb and now keystone bank. Numerous ancient african civilizations settled in the region that is today nigeria, such as the kingdom of nri, the benin empire, and the oyo empire. Accordingly, the results of this paper reveal that while. A smaller number of people follow the ahmadiyya islam, a reformatory. Progressively, ahmed 1996 records that the first attempt to place arabic and islamic education under government control, in nigeria, during the colonial era.

It is on record that islam as a religion became prevalent in nigeria in the 9 th century during the reign of mai idris alooma, who ruled the borno empire till 1603. Relations between christianity and islam over a period of fourteen centuries have ranged from conflict to concord. Islam reached nigeria through the borno empire between 1068 bc and hausa states around 85 ad during the 11th century, while. Benue state university, makurdi, benue state, nigeria email. The prospects and challenges of islam in nigeria the. The forces of islam went further into african continents through egypt and that into what was called berbers states or the magrib. History has shown that islam arrive nigeria sometime between a. Olu awofeso, phd department of political science, obafemi awolowo university, ileife, nigeria abstract. Islam, colonialism and slavery in northern nigeria, by yusufu turaki. Trade was the major connecting link that brought islam into nigeriaerinle oluwashola idris 2020. In line with brotherhood concept which is emphasized in islam, the holy prophet pbuh in 9ah received obligation on muslims to.

Islam in nigeria paperback january 1, 1984 by abdur rahman i doi author visit amazons abdur rahman i doi page. This also coincided with the time islamic education began in the country especially in the northern part. According to a report, the birth of jamaat nasril islam was as a result of the desire to put in place a body that will be responsible for. However, there is a significant shia minority, mostly in sokoto state see shia in nigeria. Why islam in northern nigeria is different from the south. The aim of this paper is to track the change of the muslim population in africa since 1950. The origins of islam in the country is linked with the development of islam in the wider west africa. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Evidence for islam in southeast nigeria article pdf available in the social science journal 471. N orthern nigeria has been the locus of an upsurge in youth radicalization and virulent militant islamist groups in nigeria since 2009.

Ive earlier explained how i cliched that position under very challenging circumstances enjoy below or download the pdf version here the prospects and challenges of islam in nigeria the role of nigeria supreme council for islamic affairs nscia. Islam is defined as a state whereby an individual fails to fulfill any of the five basic human requirements of life religion, physical self, knowledge, offspring and wealth. Muslims in nigeria are predominantly sunni in the maliki school, which is also the governing sharia law. In nigeria today, islam and the muslims face many challenges. I am romantic and wish to share that part with only the love of my life. Nigeria, a country richly endowed with natural resources and high quality human capital is yet to find its rightful place among the comity of nations. Nigeria, the most populous african country is divided between adherents of christianity, islam. Introduction history of islam in nigeria jihad islamic law sharia islam and. Islam entered nigeria through the efforts of islamic workers led by uthman dan fodio.

Here is a copy of my entry which won the 2nd prize award in the 20 tmc essay competition. The united states, along with france and other counterterrorism partners, has increasingly sought to build the capacity of neighboring statesparticularly chad, cameroon, and nigerto contain boko haram, which has. Evidence of human inhabitation has been found as far back as 9000 bce. But majorly, christianity and islam are the major religion in. I am practically humble and i like to apologize when im wrong. Islam came into nigeria in the 9 th century and this was the time islamic education began in the country. Islam was introduced to nigeria through two geographical routes. Historical overview of feminism in nigeria background information on nigeria nigeria is the most populous country in africa and it has huge diversity along ethnic, religious and economic lines. Nigerias flag consists of three equal vertical bands of green, white, and green. First, the spread of islam, predominantly in the north but later in southwestern nigeria as well, began a. By 2050, there would be 230 million muslims in nigeria and 154 million muslims. The rise of islamic banking in nigeria rooted in 1991 with the promulgation of banks and other financial institutions acts bofia, which replaced the banking acts of 1969.

It came to northern nigeria about five or six hundred years before christianity metuh 1985. The first town of contact was bornu in the northeastern. Africa was the second continent that islam spread into, which explains why almost onethird of world muslim population resides in this continent. The sultan of sokoto, currently muhammadu saad abubakar iii b. Report r43881, nigerias 2015 elections and the boko haram crisis. The acceptance and spread of islam in african countries began in the time of umar 2nd caliph when muslim troops conquered palestine, egypt, iraq and persia. Islamic movement, struggles for power and governance charas madu tella1, dani mamman phd2. Analysis of the history, organisations and challenges of feminism in nigeria 4 1. Mapping the global muslim population, october 2009 pdf. Its seven most populous cities each house more than one million people, and about one out of two west africans is from nigeria. It came to northern nigeria as early as the eleventh century and was well established in the state capitals of the region by the sixteenth century, spreading into the countryside and toward the middle belt uplands.

Yusufu turaki provides an overview of the background forces influencing the present condition of nigeria. Political leadership and corruption in nigeria since 1960. A major reason that has been responsible for her socioeconomic stagnation is the phenomenon of corruption. British invasion, conquest and occupation, majority of the rank and file of. How we measure reads a read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title. The cia estimates over 50% of the population is muslim while the bbc estimated in 2007 that slightly. I love islam passionately and try to improve in my deen. Gold, slaves, and other commodities are traded from the states of northern nigeria across the sahara desert to the states of.

The history of nigeria can be traced to prehistoric settlers nigerians living in the area as early as 1100 bc. Nigeria has the largest muslim population in west africa. Past uthman dan fodio wanted spread purified islam christianity interfered with goal beginning of the division between islam and christianity jihad war holy 18041808 islamic was the main religion after war. Nigeria, iv to educate people as well as responsible for the spread of islam, and lastly v uniting islamic scholars together. Historical account of religion in nigeria historically islam had an early arrival, while christianity was a late comer in nigeria, however, they are the two major religion with african traditional religion atr as the third. The history of islam in nigeria the nigerian region has had a long rich history. Islamic domination and islamic education began in the bornu empire. Islam in nigeria simple english wikipedia, the free. During its long history in northern nigeria, islam appears to have occupied different. Nigeria is a famous country with more than one hundred and forty million population. Islam as a religion and social order which seeks power, state and governance of a polity in line with the external principles laid down in the holy quran and hadith and. Sufis and salafists throughout the islamic world and.

Nigeria provides a rich context for understanding the cultural, social, economic, and political issues that are involved in the christianmuslim encounter. As agenda setters, the mass media have many roles to play in promoting the cultural heritage of nigeria. An appraisal of contributions of jamaat nasril islam to. Rivalries split along ethnoreligious lines september 3, 20 this case study explores the recurring violence in nigeria between ethnic and religious partisans of the muslimmajority north and christianmajority south, particularly as witnessed in plateau state, centrally located between these two regions.

Although teaching and learning of arabic and islamic studies could only be dated back to the advent of islam in nigeria abubakre, 2004. Islam in the nonmuslim areas of northern nigeria, c. Arrival of islam in nigeria islam penetrated nigeria through the northern part of her borders. The results of the report suggests that, when it comes to nigeria, islam will become the majority religion in next 20 to 30 years. Nigeria is the most populous cou ntry in africa, the second biggest economy, the third largest military power and the biggest oil producer 10th oil producer in the world. This january 2000 new york times article offers an overview of islam in nigeria.

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