Nande desu ka translation software

You should respond with dakara desu which means because. Thanks for contributing an answer to japanese language stack exchange. Japanese english translate japanese translate translate cevirce. Japanese english translation online, dictionaries and resources. Contextual translation of nande desu ka into english. The best japanese translation app for japanese learning users. Naze means why and therefore this question means why is that. Desu is the polite form of the copula in japanese linguistics.

Doramachikku ni hito ga shinu sutorii tte ureru ja nai desu ka. But avoid asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. For kanji you dont know, we recommend looking them up in a japanese dictionary. Results for nande desuka translation from japanese to english. Nande means what or why and desu ka is a broad phrase that expresses existance and can mean is it. Japanese english translate japanese english dictionary japanese english translate. Nani is the more formal and polite term to use when asking a question, as in. This free translator can quickly translate from japanese to english and english to japanese. When ones voice sounds angry and upset, it means the person feel. Contextual translation of nande kore wa into english. Hana no chirigiwa ni sura ne ga tsuku no mo iya ni narimashita. What does this phrase means nande okuteru desu ka aiatai. From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. When do you have to use one and when do you have to use the other.

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